Who is the Housewife Chef?

 My name is Suzanne and I am a 35 year old housewife to my commercial painter husband. I have two sons, Padraic (13) and Owen (8).

I started this recipe/food blog partly because I was always being asked by friends and family for my recipes and partly because I am fascinated with the science behind quality baking and cooking. I like to know why a certain recipe turns out great, or alternatively doesn't. I am not just happy to throw something together and hope that it turns out well. I want to be assured that my baking and cooking efforts are sure to please all my exacting preferences.

A proficient ability in the kitchen comes naturally to me, by way of my mother and grandmother: My mother cooked for a family of 10 and my grandmother's pie baking skills always delighted me every Thanksgiving. I still find that I try to best myself every time I make a pie (i.e: did the crust roll out just right? Is it nice and flaky after baking? Did the filling set up properly? Is it like Grandma would have made?)

I have a love affair with baking books and cookbooks. I devour them. I check them out of the library by the dozen and read them from cover to cover. I love to watch (when I have the time) cooking shows, especially America's Test Kitchen. So naturally, I've developed a wealth of knowledge of other people's expertise in the kitchen. I strive to put into practice, and try out, all that knowledge whenever I can.

I genuinely enjoy and find much pleasure by being in my kitchen, baking up something wonderful for my family, putting together an aromatic and tasty meal that satisfies the men in my household.

If someone enjoys my food creations and says "That was great!" then I consider it a job well done and I am excited to share my successes here with you.